Evolution and Gender in the 21st Century

Macbride Auditorium, Macbride Hall
Saturday, March 4th, 2017

In an era of alternative facts, fake news, and political leaders who reject evolutionary theory and climate change research, it seems imperative to defend science. But even in this historical moment feminists and anti-racists engage in a vigorous critique of mainstream science and the politics of knowledge production. How is it possible to defend science against know-nothing attacks from the right while still engaging the battle to improve the quality of scientific knowledge production via trenchant critique from the left?

This talk engages in a critical exploration of research on the evolution of sex and gender to find out what it can teach us about developing an ethically responsible, politically conscious understanding of how science works. Without such critique and debate within science it will be hard to develop the unity needed to defend against assaults from without.

Anne Fausto-Sterling will present as part of Iowa City Darwin Day. Fausto-Sterling is well-known for her study of gender, and is frequently consulted for her expertise and commentary by media outlets such as “Week in Review,” the Washington PostThe New York Times, and National Public Radio. She also writes regularly for The Huffington Post, the Boston Review and Psychology Today

More information about Darwin Day is available at www.iowacitydarwinday.org