Deborah Redman

Senior Planner, HDR Engineering, Inc. Portland, OR

Deborah Redman, HDR Engineering, has served as Senior Planner/Project Manager for public and private clients, and has headed up difficult and controversial projects for most of her professional life. As manager and sole agency staff to a 75-member regional task force with complex, multi-agency political agenda, Deborah led the first SCAG investigation of pricing options in a highly charged political atmosphere, achieving a 10-point consensus among elected officials, senior agency staff (SCAQMD, Caltrans, FHWA, CARB) as well as environmental, business and community leaders. Subsequently, she managed HOT Lane studies on SR-14 and SR-91 extension into Riverside, and later, as proprietor of her own firm, she worked to build consensus on SANDAG’s I-15 extension and I-5 managed lanes. Most recently she has helped Oregon DOT on its VMT Pilot Program and Road User Fee Task Force, and assisted Utah DOT in an unusual pricing feasibility analysis on a rural highway (US 6).