Patient-Centered Dental Home (PCDH) Project

The goal of this project is to develop a nationally accepted patient-centered dental home (PCDH) model that is measureable and can be applied to many dental care delivery settings.

The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is an established model that aims to improve the organization and delivery of primary care in medicine. However, there currently is not a similar nationally recognized model for the delivery of dental care. Change in the delivery of dental care is necessitated by national movement toward changes in payment models, organized delivery systems, and the development of overall health homes that integrate oral health with other health care services. Through the convening of national experts, this project aims to develop a PCDH model similar to the PCMH that can be used to evaluate and assess dental care delivery systems.

Project Activities:
Using this national panel of experts, activities are focused on developing:

  1. PCDH definition, including essential characteristics
  2. Components of each essential PCDH characteristic
  3. Measure concepts included in each component
  4. Specific Quality Indicators, including Measures and Standards

Our national advisory committee for this project is currently participating in a structured consensus-building approach to hone the definition, components, and measures of a PCDH. This committee is comprised of experts in health and dental care policy, including quality improvement, care integration, health home models, and more. Additionally, participants include representatives from federal agencies, third party payers, accreditation organizations, dental delivery systems, and state oral health programs. At intermediate steps throughout the process, there will be public comment periods to expand the input being received and make sure all appropriate perspectives are being considered.

A list of National Advisory Committee members can be found here.

In preparation for this project and as part of previous DentaQuest-funded work, we developed a background report detailing associated historical and current delivery factors that inform the rationale for the development of a PCDH. This report can be found here.

This project is funded by a grant from the DentaQuest Foundation.