Health Policy

PPC Director to Appear on "Ethical Perspectives on the News"

American flag, gavel, and stethoscope

PPC Director, Peter Damiano, appeared on the television program "Ethical Perspectives on the News" on Sunday, August 12 on KCRG. Damiano was a featured panelist along with University of Iowa Law School professor Todd Pettys and Iowa District House of Representatives candidate Ben Lange, who discussed the recent Supreme Court decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Bill Ferrel, a small business owner and sustainability consultant, acted as moderator to the roundtable discussion.

Discussion topics included: costs of health care, the effects of the decision on everyday citizens, and the morality of providing health care to all citizens.

"Ethical Perspectives on the News" was created over tweleve years ago by the Inter-Religious Council of Linn County and the vision of Harold Mincey. Mincey's idea of establishing a public forum which would provide information and ethical perspectives on the news of the day, has served as a model for talking about controversial subjects in a civil way.

View the program below: