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Impediments to Fair Housing Choice survey followed up by city

Picture of Apartment Building

Despite changes prompted by the Public Policy Center’s 2014 ‘Impediments to Fair Housing Choice” survey, a recent follow-up survey shows that discrimination against housing voucher users still exists.

The 2014 survey, executed by Jerry Anthony of the Social and Education Policy Research Program, revealed that 21 percent of the people who responded to the survey experienced discrimination based on their use of a voucher. Prior to the 2014 survey, this type of discrimination was not illegal in Iowa City. The city amended its fair housing ordinance to protect people using vouchers and other forms of public assistance.

The follow-up survey, conducted this time by the city of Iowa City, showed that discrimination among voucher users is still an issue and often goes unreported. The city’s Human Rights Office has set a new goal to increase outreach and education, so people are aware of their rights and know what to do when cases of discrimination arise.

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