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Frisvold Featured on Ethical Perspectives on the News

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David Frisvold, PPC Scholar in Residence and Associate Professor of Economics, appeared on Ethical Perspectives on the News last Sunday (January 15) to discuss Charter Schools, Vouchers, and the Common Good. 

The topic was discussed among a panel made up of Frisvold, Todd Dorman (Cedar Rapids Gazette), and Sara Hale Keuseman (UI College of Education), moderated by the show's host, Scott Samuelson. 

To view the discussion, click here.

Ethical Perspectives on the News serves as a public forum, providing information and ethical perspectives on the news of the day.  The television program serves as a model for talking about controversial subjects in a civil way.  For thirty minutes, a moderator and three panel members discuss a topic selected from the news.  A wide variety of topics have been aired since the first program on “Euthanasia” in 1999.