Health Policy

Former PPC Undergraduate Researcher Presents at SURF

Picture of Herrera next to her poster

Brenda Herrera, a Fall 2017 undergraduate researcher for the PPC, presented at the Spring Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF) on April 18. Her poster, “Mechanisms Impacting Oral Health Equity in an Expanded Medicaid Program: Narratives from Program Members and Dentists,” reflects some of the work that she did while with the PPC. The project was led by Dr. Julie Reynolds, Jennifer Sukalski, and Dr. Susan McKernan.

SURF and FURF are semi-annual festivals held every fall and spring to celebrate undergraduate researchers' contributions to research, scholarly, and creative work at the University of Iowa. Students involved in mentored research or creative work are invited to present their work at these festivals utilizing posters or other visual displays.  A variety of judges from the University of Iowa community (peers, faculty, and graduate students) and the surrounding community are on hand to discuss student work and provide valuable feedback.  Every aspect of these events, from poster design to presentation, to fielding questions, is designed to help students hone research communication skills.