Families Dealing with Disaster Project

Thank you for your interest in sharing your experiences in the Black Forest or Waldo Canyon Fires. By participating in this research study, you will help contribute to the understanding of the long-term impact of disasters on families. Researchers at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Iowa are working together on this study.

Update – November 2014

Thank you to all families that have expressed interest in participating in our study. At this time, we have closed our recruitment. If you have not received your incentive, you will receive it by Friday, November 21st. The next follow up survey will be e-mailed to all participants sometime in February 2015.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the survey’s Project Manager, Ashley McDonald at 319-512-1003 or toll-free at 866-778-5819.

What is the study about?

If you decide to participate and allow your child to participate, we will ask you and your child to complete a 20 minute survey asking about your experiences in the July 2012 and June 2013 wildfires.  We will also ask you about stressful things that have happened since the wildfires, how you have been feeling since the fires (e.g., feelings of anxiety, depression), how you and your child are coping, your thoughts about life, and parent-child relationship qualities and communication. You can view the surveys by clicking the links located to the right.  We will also ask you and your child to participate in two follow-up surveys over the course of two-years (once every 6 months) to see how these things change over time. You can continue to participate in the follow-up surveys even if your child does not want to participate anymore.

What do we get in return?

To thank you for participating, you and your child will each receive a $5 online gift certificate for the first survey. This will increase to a $10 gift certificate for the second survey (in 6 months) and a $15 gift certificate for the third survey (in one year). Parents will also be entered into a drawing for a $200 gift certificate each time you participate.