Shambaugh Auditorium
Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 6:30 PM


  • John Fuller

    John Fuller

    Department of Urban and Regional Planning Department of Economics University of Iowa

    Dr. Fuller has served as a Professor at the University of Iowa in the Urban and Regional Planning Program and in other departments since 1979, teaching courses in transport policy, economics and planning. Prior to that he served on the National Transportation Policy Study Commission and with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. He has been active with various professional organizations including the Transportation Research Board, where he has chaired committees, task forces, and research panels.

  • Stuart Anderson

    Stuart Anderson

    Director, Systems Planning Office Iowa Department of Transportation

    Stuart Anderson has been with the Iowa Department of Transportation for 16 years and is currently Director of the Office of Systems Planning at the Iowa Department of Transportation. The Office of Systems Planning is responsible for long-range multimodal transportation planning and the evaluation of transportation needs and revenues. This included work that led to the establishment of the TIME-21 Fund which will provide additional state funding for public roadway infrastructure in Iowa.

  • Paul Hanley

    Paul Hanley

    Director, Transportation Research Program, PPC Urban and Regional Planning Department of Economics University of Iowa

    Paul Hanley is an associate professor holding joint appointments in the Public Policy Center, Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Iowa. Paul is the Director of the Transportation Policy Research Group at the Public Policy Center, Director of the University of Iowa’s Transportation Graduate Studies Program, and Associate Director of the Mid-American Transportation Center. He has more than sixteen years of experience working with federal, state, regional and local transportation and planning agencies. For eight years, he was a transportation planner for a regional Metropolitan Planning Organization in East-central Illinois prior to joining the faculty. His expertise is in the study of the relationships between transportation investments, land use change, and transportation demand.