Area of Research

Health Economic Outcomes Research

Health economics outcomes research involves conducting economic analyses for health care interventions from a number of different perspectives, including that of the patient, the health care provider, and of society as a whole. Methods ranging from cost-effectiveness, cost utility, cost-benefit, cost of illness, and budget impact form the basis of our research.

Costs of health care, and the comparative efficiencies of health care options, are always critical issues in a society. As demands on the health dollar increase, ensuring the most cost efficient options for providing health care are implemented becomes ever more important.

Economic analyses at the PPC have included addressing the broad question of the impact of managed care or the impact of family planning services on Medicaid costs. Additional analyses have been conducted from the health provider perspective to include costs analyses related to clinical procedures and technologies. As society attempts to lessen the amount spent on health care, technologies and health care processes will need to be studied even more closely to determine whether they improve the financial outcome as well as the health outcome of the health care system.

Costs of care, cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analyses are important aspects of health services research. Health economics and outcomes research is a growing area at the PPC with several on-going studies.