Telephone Data Collection

The ISRC currently houses a telephone interviewing facility with 23 stations utilizing a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing [CATI] system. This local area network and related software optimizes efficient data collection and reduces human error by supporting:

  • Sample Management (maintaining quotas, keeping appointments, distributing new sample randomly…and more)
  • Programming of Skip Patterns (uses the quantitative response to a question to determine the path of the interview and creates a smooth transition to the next relevant question in each situation)
  • Answer Range Limitations (programming can dictate, per question, the availability of only certain codes to the interviewer – the interviewer will not be able to progress to the next question unless an acceptable code is input)
  • The Randomization of Questions or Answer Sets (can reduce the impact of ordering effect)
  • Tracking (automatically documents the number of attempts to each phone number and all activity related to contact with respondents and potential respondents)