The Iowa Social Science Research Center conducts workshops during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Workshops will be recorded and posted online for Spring 2021.  The Spring 2021 workshop posting dates and descriptions are listed below, as are all previously recorded workshops.

The Iowa Informatics Initiative also provides workshops on related topics. Click here for more information. 

Week of March 8
ISRC Workshop: Network Analysis using Python Networkx
Sulyun Lee

The workshop will discuss the basic network analysis using a Python package “Networkx.” Networkx is a useful package that provides various built-in functions for generating and analyzing network-structured data. You will learn generating networks from external data, visualizing networks, and calculating basic network statistics. There will be the demonstration of example codes.

Week of March 22
ISRC Workshop: Bayesian Disease Mapping with R and OpenBUGS
Seungwon Kim

Aggregated health or crime data at county or even smaller geographic scales often provide insights into the driving factors of the risks. Raw incidence rates of diseases or crimes, however, are often unstable particularly in less populated areas, preventing us to capture the underlying processes of our interests. We will learn to use a Bayesian smoothing approach to identify the risk factors of diseases or crimes, as well as to visualize the spatial patterns of the relative risk using R and openBUGS. Participants are expected to have intermediate skills in R and basic familiarity with ArcMap. Datasets and code will be provided. 

Week of April 5
Data Resources at the University of Iowa and accessing data through the ICPSR
Mike Oie

The workshop will discuss research data resources that are available through the University of Iowa, highlighting the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). There will be an overview of the resources as well as a demonstration of how to navigate and search for data in the ICPSR.



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