Social & Education Policy

Student Spotlight: Jocelyn Roof

Photo of Jocelyn Roof

Jocelyn Roof (she/her) is a fourth-year student originally from Waterloo, IA studying political science and sociology. Jocelyn has been an intern at the PPC since 2018, and serves as the executive director and founder of Hawk The Vote, a campus-wide nonpartisan initiative to get students registered, educated, and turned out to vote. Jocelyn began working at the PPC within the Social and Education Policy Program with the Equity Implemented Partnership, and then worked with Dr. Pete Damiano on initiatives related to K-12 civics education. Most recently, she was a fellow in the PPC's inaugural Summer Policy Research Institute and wrote a policy brief about community partnership and engaged learning at the UI.

In her role within Hawk the Vote, she manages a team of six executive members and 130 volunteers who are engaged in peer-to-peer text messaging about election information, creating and delivering workshops on civic engagement, and planning creative and engaging virtual events to get students interested in the electoral process. In her spare time, she enjoys petting her new cat Maggie, drinking coffee, and biking around the Iowa City trail system. In the future she hopes to continue to get young people excited about participating in politics and engaging in their communities.