Jesse Weiss

Title & Affiliation
Graduate Research Fellow

Jesse Weiss is a PhD student in the College of Nursing. He graduated from UI with his BSN in 2020 and as an undergrad Jesse was worked in the Santillan OB/GYN lab. His work in the Santillan lab focused on creating electronic consents for human subject research, as well as assisting with research around maternal hypertensive disorders. Currently, Jesse is a graduate research assistant for Dr. Zainab Alzawad, studying stress and anxiety in parents with children hospitalized in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Jesse’s research interest involves understanding the health-seeking behaviors of low-income parents, and how various policies influence the decisions that parents make when attempting to obtain healthcare services for their children. In addition, to his studies and his involvement in research, Jesse also works as a staff nurse at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City.