John Fuller

Title & Affiliation
Distinguished Faculty Affiliate Transportation and Vehicle Safety Policy Research Program
Professor Emeritus School of Planning and Public Affairs


  • PhD, Economics, Washington State University, 1968

John Fuller began his career in the Planning Division of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as its chief economist and later as director of policy planning, then as a member of its Highway Commission. He then moved Washington, DC as deputy executive director for the National Transportation Policy Study Commission. He teaches a graduate course on how to develop transportation plans by analyzing and evaluating actual air, rail, highway and urban plans. Fuller was involved in the development of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, a U.S. Department of Transportation bureau that makes accessible a variety of information needed to improve transportation planning and policy making. He is a member of a number of Transportation Research Board committees and panels. International interests include lecturing and grant affiliations in Venezuela where he was a Fulbright scholar, and consulting with Venezuela's ministry and metro rail system. Current focuses are the analysis of rail reliability, railroad planning, and transport performance indicators.

Research Interests

  • Sustainable planning
  • Transportation economics
  • Transportation policy