Joshua Engelbrecht

Title & Affiliation
Graduate Teaching Fellow Instruction


  • MS, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Iowa, projected May 2022
  • BA, Environmental Science, University of Iowa, 2020

Joshua is a Graduate Fellow at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center and a MS candidate in the School of Planning and Public Affairs. He will be working with Carrie Schuettpelz, assisting with the Explore Iowa Program and David Gould, working to develop content for the upcoming course "Life Design II". Their Masters degree program is focused on land use and environmental planning, which explores ways that municipalities can implement policies, regulations and incentives to guide development that is sustainable and resilient. Joshua completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa in the Environmental Sciences and is planning to work for local government upon graduation. 

Research Interests

  • Environmental protection through policy
  • Renewable energy planning
  • Sustainable development in urban areas