Housing Needs Assessment for Oskaloosa, IA

Oskaloosa, Iowa, is a town of about 11,000 in close proximity to rural areas. Over 60% of the city’s housing stock was built prior to 1970. The relatively low median household income of Oskaloosans has resulted in a lack of investment in housing stock. Availability of affordable housing is another pressing issue. Reductions in funding for the Oskaloosa Housing Trust Fund (OHTF), the city’s leader in meeting the affordable housing needs of residents, has decreased the amount and type of services the OHTF is able to offer. The state of Iowa’s switch to a regionally based trust fund system is causing further uncertainty for the future of the OHTF.

This study, the Oskaloosa Housing Needs Assessment 2012, seeks to examine Oskaloosa’s housing needs and guide the OHTF and the city in future housing-related endeavors. it aims to:

  • Identify demographic and economic trends that may impact housing needs
  • Assess characteristics of existing housing and households
  • Analyze the current and future demand for housing in Oskaloosa, including affordable housing
  • Recommend actions and initiatives for the City and OHTF to explore in order to improve housing in Oskaloosa

To learn about major findings and recommendations, view the Oskaloosa Housing Needs Assessment - 2012 report.