Appendices: Iowa Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation System Review and Options for Improvement

Hanley, P.F.; Sikka, N.; Ferguson, G.; Kober, B.; Sun, J.


Appendix 1 includes the Medicaid Consumer Questionnaire and Medicaid Consumer Responses; Appendix 2, the Income Maintenance Worker Questionnaire and Responses; and Appendix 3, the Case Managers and Service Worker Questionnaire and Responses. In Appendix 4 are included the Public Transportation Providers and the Nongovernmental Organization Transportation Providers Questionnaires, as well as the Transportation Providers' Responses. Appendix 5 contains the NEMT Brokerage Literature, the NEMT Brokerage Bibliography, and transcripts of the NEMT Brokerage Interviews. Finally, Appendix 6 has the Stakeholder Input Session Summaries.