Funding Opportunities



The Scholar-in-residence program provides space, funding, and support to an individual faculty scholar who needs dedicated time to work on a policy project. Scholars-in-residence typically spend one day per week at the PPC working in a quiet, collaborative, policy-focused environment – most residencies last one semester. If you’re interested in learning more, and potentially becoming a scholar-in-residence at the PPC, contact the PPC Director: or 319-353-6800.


Undergraduate Research Team Support 

The Undergraduate Research Team support program provides funding and other support to faculty investigators who want to hire undergraduates to join their research program/team. Funding and support are available to:

  • Find, hire, and help train students to join your team;
  • Fund student salaries and other research related expenses;
  • Receive training and support for mentoring undergraduate researchers;
  • Connect with other faculty who are leading undergraduate teams.

For more information on starting an undergraduate research team, please contact,, Professor, Political Science and Director, Iowa Social Science Research Center, Director, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates