RELAX: TALK: GROW (RTG) is a networking/policy planning event hosted by the University of Iowa African American Council and the Public Policy Center. RTG combines fellowship, local artists and policy discussions. Addressing the experiences of Iowa City's black folks both on and off campus, each program features a blend of relaxed socializing, creative performance and targeted conversation. 

Do you want to meet black people from the University of Iowa, Iowa City and beyond? Are you interested in discussing policies that can make this an excellent community for everyone? If so, come join us.



Upcoming RTGs

Keeping Cultural Events Fresh
Friday, April 20, 5:00 - 7:00pm
The Englert Theatre, 221 E Washington St., Iowa City


Past events

Instructive Memories: Adjusting to Iowa City

Friday, Sept. 23, 5:30-7 p.m.
MidWestOne Penthouse at Riverfront Crossings, 500 S. Clinton Street

Black Faces in White Spaces: UI's Racial Legacy

Friday, Oct. 21, 5:30-7 p.m.
MidWestOne Bank, 102 S. Clinton Street


Arts, Community and Public Spaces

Friday, Nov. 11, 5:30-7 p.m.
Gerber Lounge, English-Philosophy Building


Styles of Black activism

Friday, Feb. 10, 5:30-7 p.m.
MidWestOne Bank, 102 S. Clinton Street


Education and sports

Friday, March 24, 5:30-7 p.m.
MidWestOne Bank, 102 S. Clinton Street


The Military

Friday, May 5, 6:30-8 p.m.
Englert Theatre, 221 East Washington Street