Four students in a library, with a laptop open in front of them, laughing.

Summer Policy Research Institute 2022

The Summer Policy Research Institute will run June 20 to July 29 this year. The program is for University of Iowa undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in policy research. The mission of the Policy Research Institute is to expose students to academic research through a mentored, team-based experience. The institute is intended to enhance the research experience for students who are currently working with a faculty member on a research project and/or in a research lab, and supplement their experience by working with a cohort. Students who are not currently working in research, but want to, are also welcome to participate.

Participation in the Institute includes: 

  • An appointment at the Public Policy Center as an Undergraduate or Graduate Research Fellow;
  • For those with little/no research experience (track 1), a weekly, 1-hour active learning sesson on introductory, policy research-related topics;
  • For those with some research experience already (track 2), a weekly, 1-hour seminar-style discussion of more advanced topics in policy research (students on track 1 are welcome to attend these discussion sessions, but they are not required);
  • An Instructor guided, 1-hour weekly sharing of research activities among student peers to provide feedback and ideas;
  • Opportunities for in-person sessions with PPC researchers in an informal setting that encourages the open exchange of ideas;
  • Development of a policy brief that will be published via the PPC’s website and network of collaborators (for those who have an interest and a qualifying project)

Students will be registered for URES:4500 (one semester hour; tuition or fees may apply depending on enrollment in other summer courses). Scholarships may be available based on student’s request and need. This is a pass/non-pass course based on acceptable attendance and participation.

If you’re interested in more information about the Summer Policy Research Institute 2022, or would like to be registered for the course, please email You may also view a recording of a Zoom info session (HawkID required) here.

The Policy Research Institute is supported by the Public Policy Center and its partners at the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates.