Student Fellows Program

The Public Policy Center (PPC) Fellows program is designed to recognize the contributions of students who, under the mentorship of our faculty and staff, create and share new knowledge from policy-relevant administrative and research activities, while contributing to the vitality of the PPC. Student research fellows will have a title consistent with their enrollment status and role at the Center (e.g. Undergraduate Research Fellow).

  • What are the benefits of being a student Research Fellow?
    • Student research fellows get a heads-up on policy-related events and courses being offered by the Public Policy Center;
    • Students may use their PPC title on their resume, signature block, grant submissions, applications, Linkedin profile, and elsewhere.
  • How do I become a PPC Research Fellow?
    • Student employees of the PPC are automatically enrolled in the program;
    • Students who enroll in PPC coursework or programs may request to be included in the program (some are automatically enrolled, so ask your instructor);
    • Many faculty members across campus are doing policy-relevant research with students. If you're working with such a faculty member, you're eligible! Just ask your faculty mentor to request your enrollment in the program.