Healthy Behaviors Dis-enrollment Interviews Report: In-depth interviews with Iowa Health and Wellness Plan members who were recently disenrolled due to failure to pay required premiums

Askelson, N.M.; Wright, B.; Smith, R.; Brady, P.; Bentler, S.E.; Damiano, P.C.; Momany, E.T.


To better understand the knowledge and experiences of Iowa Health and Wellness Plan (IHAWP) members with the healthy behavior incentive requirements, in-depth interviews were conducted in March 2016 with members who experienced disenrollment because they did not pay the required contribution. Thirty-seven interviews were completed. Interviewers asked open-ended questions about the member’s disenrollment experiences and actions and their knowledge and experience with the Healthy Behaviors Incentive program (HBI). Qualitative data provides a rich examination of the experiences of members, focusing on the range of experiences and the details of experiences.