Iowa Pregnancy Assistance Fund Needs Assessment Report

As a part of the Pregnancy Assistance Fund project, the University of Iowa Evaluation Team developed a Needs Assessment Survey to better understand the pregnant and parenting population at participating community colleges. The questions were designed to reflect the Five Core project domains: personal health, child health, education and employment, concrete supports, and parenting supports.

The survey was administered online and was distributed to all students at Des Moines Area Community College, Kirkwood Community College, and Indian Hills Community College via email. The first section of the survey was a screening question intended to avoid having any student who was not pregnant or parenting participate in the survey. Data collection occurred between November 9th, 2017 and November 17th, 2017. Students were presented with the elements of consent before agreeing to complete the survey. Students were offered a $15 Walmart e-gift card for completing the survey which was emailed to them upon survey completion. Given that we do not know the total pregnant and parenting student population at any of these schools, we cannot calculate a response rate for this survey.

Askelson, N., Ryan, G. W., Chieffo, G. N., Hoemann, C., & Pieper, F. J. Iowa Pregnancy Assistance Fund Needs Assessment Report. : University of Iowa Public Policy Center.