Student Success

Two students in graduation caps and gowns, standing on the west terrace of the Old Capitol Museum, their shadows cast on the wall behind them.

Student success is a key part of the mission of the Public Policy Center. Research clearly shows that college students who have learning experiences outside the classroom – like doing research, working a job, participating in student orgs, or doing service-learning work – do better in school (higher GPA’s), are more likely to graduate, and are more successful later in their careers.

Headshot of Sofia Iribarren

Sofia Iribarren

Sofia is a third-year pediatric dentistry and dental public health resident currently working with Dr. Julie Reynolds.
Photo of Clemenson

Chloe Clemenson

Chloe Clemenson graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science this Spring, as well as a certificate in Political Risk Analysis and a minor in French.
Photo of Bondarowicz

Elis Bondarowicz

From Downers Grove, Illinois, Elis Bondarowicz is finishing their second and final year in the Masters of Social Work program at the University of Iowa.

Photo of Nwachukwu

Pamela Nwachukwu

Pamela Nwachukwu is a second-year PhD student in Dental Public Health, conducting research and informing policies that promote access to healthcare, especially for the underserved.