Provost's Global Forum 2017: Women's Health and the Environment: Going Up in Smoke

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 to Friday, April 14th, 2017
A banner for the Provost's Global Forum 2017

The Public Policy Center will co-sponsor the Provost's Global Forum 2017, Women's Health and the Environment: Going Up in Smoke, April 12-14. 

Cooking with firewood and other biofuels is by many accounts one of the most urgent problems in the world today. The 2017 Provost's Global Forum will focus on several major dimensions of the cookstove problem:

  • the global and local costs, and the environmental and personal harms of continued use of TWCs
  • the historical, social, cultural, symbolic elements of traditional cooking technology
  • the challenges of developing durable, cheap and easy-to-repair ICs
  • the social, cultural, economic, political and gender dimensions of technology change around cooking - a very personal and intimate aspect of daily life.

The twin goals of the forum are a) to facilitate conversations among researchers and interested persons working on various dimensions of this issue at diverse global locations, and b) to increase awareness about this global problem on the UI campus and in the broader community across the Midwest.

More information is available here