Think and Drink: Politics in Troubled Times

Big Grove Brewery and Taproom, 1225 S Gilbert St, Iowa City
Monday, December 2nd, 2019
Picture of two cell phones on Twitter screen, characters yelling at each other from each phone

The PPC is proud to collaborate with Kirkwood Community College on this event as part of our Run Up to the Caucus series.

As Iowa prepares for its caucus, join us at Iowa City’s Big Grove Brewery on Monday, December 2nd at 6:00pm for a community conversation about the deep political questions facing our troubled times. What ails our politics? What kind of political leadership do we want? How can we make our political parties more responsive? How can we as citizens work together to deal with local and global crises?

The conversation we need isn’t going to take place over Twitter. It’s going to take place over beer.‚Äč