Health Policy

PPC Health Reports Cited in Families USA Fact Sheet

Families USA, a foundation that conducts research and analysis on developments in health care policy, cited work by PPC Health Policy researchers in an online fact sheet, “How Medicaid Waivers Could Limit Access to Oral Health Care.”

The fact sheet, which explains state waivers and provides talking points on the effects of waivers on oral health, links to one PPC report, “Access, Utilization & Cost Outcomes: Iowa Dental Wellness Plan Evaluation 2014-2016,” and two PPC briefs, “Evaluation of the Dental Wellness Plan: Member Experiences After Two Years,” and “Evaluation of the Dental Wellness Plan: Provider Attitudes After Two Years.”

To read the fact sheet, click here. The links to the PPC publications are found in the section starting, Some states delay dental benefits until people “earn” coverage.