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The Effects of Medical Well Baby Visits in Promoting Earlier First Dental Visits for Children

Park, S.; Momany, E.T.; Jones, M.P.; Kuthy, R.A.; Askelson, N.M.; Wehby, G.L.; Damiano, P.C.; Chi, D.L.


Park, S., E.T. Momany, M.P. Jones, R.A. Kuthy, N.M. Askelson, G.L. Wehby, P.C. Damiano, and D.L. Chi. 2017. The Effects Of Medical Well Baby Visits In Promoting Earlier First Dental Visits For Children 34223735 (5143). Jdr Clinical & Translational Research: 238008441772823. doi:10.1177/2380084417728237.