Students in auditorium

Engagement is a key part of the Public Policy Center's mission. We engage with our community, the public, and policymakers in Iowa by sharing policy-relevant research outcomes and the expertise of UI scholars. Through collaboration with other organizations, we support events all over campus, as well as host our own Forkenbrock Series on public policy, which provides a forum for dialogue about policy areas from various perspectives.

Policy Challenges for Iowa and the Nation

Join us for a series of discussions on the University of Iowa campus about the urgent issues facing our state and the nation. The intent of this series is to provide the campus, community and state with a balanced exploration of important policy-impacting topics from a variety of perspectives.

The Forkenbrock Series provides a forum for dialogue about policy areas from applied, academic, and interdisciplinary perspectives. The series was established in honor of David Forkenbrock, a nationally recognized transportation researcher. Dr. Forkenbrock established the Public Policy Center at the University of Iowa in 1987 and directed the Center until 2007. His vision was to enable public and private sector decision makers to work with faculty, staff, and student researchers to explore solutions to complex problems related to the public interest.