Research Support

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The Public Policy Center supports research across campus in diverse ways. The PPC’s Iowa Social Science Research Center helps investigators with the nuts and bolts – data collection services, including free consultations, analysis, management, and training. Annually, the ISRC trains faculty, staff, and students in our methods workshops – providing expertise in Qualtrics, Stata, R, Python, and more! Last year, the ISRC grant support team helped over 114 investigators find and submit external grant proposals. Additionally, the PPC provides dedicated research time, funding, and other support through its Policy Research Teams program and offers a venue for researchers to share their current work and get feedback from their peers through the Research Development Seminar Series. Please review the links on this page for more information on the research support available through the Public Policy Center.


  • Data Collection and Analysis

    • Telephone, mail, web, in-person, and mixed-method data-collection

    • Survey instrument development and testing

    • IRB application assistance and compliance with regulations

    • Survey incentive management

    • Data analysis and reports

  • Grant Development

    • Identify funding sources

    • Develop, review, and edit grant proposals

    • Prepare grant budgets and justifications

    • Assist with facilities statements and common boilerplate information

    • Communicate with funding agency program officers and staff

    • Coordinate with UI Division of Sponsored Programs

  • Transcription and Data Entry

    • Convert audio and video files into digital text

    • Prepare summaries and code by themes

  • Workshops, Consulting, and Data