The Hawkeye Poll

The University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll is part of the teaching/learning mission of the University as well as a rigorously designed public opinion polling operation. The Poll provides a platform for academic research on political and public policy topics, including elections, policy issues, and attitudes and beliefs about Iowa and the national political/public policy environment. UI students get experience in survey research that connects to their academic work as they serve as trained callers and work with results in their classes.

The Poll provides information to and about Iowans and their attitudes and preferences on an array of issues resulting in a better understanding of what Iowans are thinking about issues that face our state and nation. The Poll is managed through a cooperative structure involving graduate students and faculty in the Department of Political Science. Participants jointly contribute to designing and implementing each survey, placing their own questions on it in exchange for managing specific tasks such as recruiting and training callers, designing sampling strategies, securing IRB approval, or writing press releases.

Individuals interested in working with us or placing questions on future polls should contact the Faculty Advisor, Fred Boehmke at For more information on election resources, click here.