ISRC and Web Panel Surveys

Web panel surveys are an emerging methodology in survey research and are increasing in popularity due to their cost-effectiveness. Web panel surveys are researcher-developed surveys that utilize an online access panel of respondents that are typically maintained by sample vendors. Web panel surveys use both probability and non-probability sampling techniques. Probability web panels consist of participants recruited through traditional probability-based methods (e.g., using address-based recruitment to push respondents to a web survey). Non-probability web panels tend to be a more affordable sample option and consist of participants who opt-in (are self-recruited) to the panel. Often, web panel surveys will stratify sampling and set quota targets using demographic characteristics to achieve desired representation of groups of interest. Sample costs range from $6 - $8 per respondent, depending on the target population, quotas, and other factors. In addition to purchasing a sample of respondents for a single stand-along survey, vendors also offer omnibus products in which a researcher can contribute a few questions to a survey “shared” among other researchers. Omnibus costs are roughly $800 - $2,000 per question and are deployed by vendors to a representative sample of respondents on a frequent and periodic basis.

The ISRC offers support for researchers using web panel survey methodology. We have established relationships with several vendors and can work with them to obtain sample quotes and purchase sample for web panel surveys. The ISRC can consult on web survey development, design, and offer complete web survey programming services. The ISRC facilitates work with the Human Subjects Office and can offer full support with new project applications using HawkIRB. We develop quota targets for web panel data collection and develop weights to collected data using existing population-based datasets. Our skilled staff provide full project management (purchasing, deployment, monitoring field progress) and data services (instrument programming and testing, quota management, weighting, and analysis).

For more information on working with the ISRC to assist with your web panel survey, please contact