Mail Survey Data Collection

The ISRC provides data collection through mail survey methods. This service includes instrument design, monitoring mail, incentive management, initial and follow-up mailings, tracking, reports and managing data.  

The ISRC has University of Iowa students that have been certified through the UI Human Subjects Office’s CITI human subjects’ tutorial for IRB02 (and many cross-trained for IRB01) data collection. They have also received training in FERPA and HIPAA.

  • Sample management (maintaining quotas, keeping appointments and more)
  • Programming of skip patterns (uses the quantitative response to a question to determine the path of the interview and creates a smooth transition to the next relevant question in each situation)
  • The randomization of questions or answer sets (can reduce the impact of ordering effect)
  • Tracking (documents the result of the mail study and the date the survey was received at the ISRC)

ISRC staff is available for consultation for mail data collection services. To discuss data collection needs or inquire for further details, contact or complete this form.