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Moving Back in with Mom and Dad?

A young woman packs boxes

Data released by the US Census indicates that higher numbers of young adults in America are "doubling up"—that is, moving back in with their families or with other households. ISRC Director Kevin Leicht commented in a Gazette article that this phenomenon may be a lasting one. “When [recent graduates] move back home, it takes them awhile to actually move back out” Leicht said. “The effect of graduating in bad job market lingers.” Nationally, there are now 1.2 million more young adults living with their parents than there were in 2007. And even back then it was becoming more difficult to get started in on an independant life path. According to Leicht, "graduates of a decade ago were already returning home at a higher rate than previous generations." We will have to wait and watch to learn the long-term outcome of this trend.