PPC Summer Scholar-in-Residence Request for Proposals


The Public Policy Center is accepting proposals for its Summer Scholar-in-Residence program.

Goal: to provide an opportunity for an interdisciplinary team of scholars to work together at the Public Policy Center on a policy-relevant research project. Preference will be given to projects that align with one or more of the PPC’s programs or topic areas. 

Eligibility: Interdisciplinary teams should be led by at least one full-time, tenure track faculty investigator, but may also include other faculty members, students, and research staff members, as appropriate for the project. Researchers who received PPC Summer Scholar funding in 2019 or 2020 are not eligible.


  1. Spend 2-4 weeks onsite at the PPC during the summer period with times established prior to the program; 
  2. Produce the deliverable(s) identified in the proposal submission; 
  3. Present your research and results during the fall semester at a PPC Lunch and Learn session; 
  4. Write a blog post, fact sheet, or policy brief about to your project by the end of the fall semester; 
  5. Acknowledge the support of the PPC in any presentations or publications resulting from the summer’s activities 

Support available:

  1. Office space at the PPC (if permitted due to the pandemic) 
  2. Administrative and IT support including computers, software and other office supplies 
  3. Document editing, formatting and graphic design assistance (if appropriate) 
  4. Financial support that may be used for summer salary support, or other allowable project expenses (publishing fees, data collection, etc.)  
    1. Up to $3000 per project for a 2-week period 
    2. Up to $6000 per project for a 4-week period 

To apply, please provide:

  • Cover Sheet
    • Title of the project 
    • Proposed start and end dates of proposed project (any continuous 2- to 4-week period between mid-May and mid-August) when all collaborators will be in residence 
    • Name, rank, department, office mailing address, and e-mail address for each participant 
    • Short abstract (300 or fewer words) 
  • Narrative (maximum of three pages, single-spaced) 
    • What do you propose to do? 
    • Why is it important and policy-relevant? 
    • What earlier work has been done on the project and related areas by the applicant(s), individually or collaboratively? 
    • What is the value of the collaboration? Include the value of working together, face-to-face, at the Public Policy Center. 
    • How will you spend your funding (faculty summer salary, other staff or student salaries, data, software, other services)? 
    • What will be achieved by the end of the grant period?
      • How will you disseminate your work—through publication, presentation, other? 
      • When do you estimate the project will be completed? 
      • Please specify the most likely publisher, journal, or venue and explain. 

Curriculum Vitae for each participant (maximum three single-spaced pages) 


Submit application in PDF format to julianna-lee@uiowa.edu no later than Friday, March 26, 2021.  Funding notifications will be sent by April 30.