Social & Education Policy Program Sponsors LWVJC Forum


The Social and Education Policy Research program sponsored the first of three Legislative Forums hosted by the League of Women Voters of Johnson County (LWVJC). The forums provide an opportunity for dialogue between legislators and their constituents in Johnson County. The first, presented on January 26, focused on education. Senators Joe Bolkcom, Zach Wahls and Kevin Kinney, and Representatives David Jacoby, Bobby Kaufmann, Vicki Lensing, Amy Nielsen and Mary Mascher were present.

The forum was moderated by Hazel Seaba, LWVJC member. Legislators each gave a five minute introductory statement, then answered questions from the League and the sponsoring organizations. Questions were then be opened to members of the audience.

Tessa Heeren, a Research Associate with the Health Policy and Social & Education Policy Research programs, presented the question, "How will you support school districts in the collection and access to comprehensive data to guide decision making and measure progress towards state goals?" The question referred to the state's recent issuance of guidelines that prioritize the social and emotional competencies of students. To watch the forum in its entirety, click here. Heeren's question and the legislators' responses take place at the 52:35 mark.