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Carter Completes Honors Thesis Using PPC Study Data

Carter explaining poster to viewer

Travis Carter, a student of Professor Mark Berg, completed his honors thesis in early May using data from the current study, “Situational Factors and the Victim-Offender overlap.” In his thesis “Words Matter: A Situational Analysis of Alcohol, Conflicts, and Violence,” Travis examines the association between alcohol consumption and the likelihood of violence during conflicts. His results suggest that escalatory actions (e.g., threats) and remedial actions (e.g., apologies) change the association between alcohol and violence. 

Travis’ work was supported by a grant from the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU). In April, he presented his research at ICRU’s annual Spring Undergraduate Research Festival.

Travis graduated in Spring 2019 with Honors in Criminology, Law and Justice. This fall, he will enroll in the Doctoral program in Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. 

Photo of Carter