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PPC Introduces New Media, Policy, and Public Opinion Program

hand holding cell phone with a news app on the screen

The Public Policy Center is rolling out a new program of research this year in Media, Policy and Public Opinion (MPPO). The program will focus on the implications of media coverage and public opinion of policy issues, and will include research in the following areas:

  1. Media law and policy, including the study of legislation, regulation and implementation of global, national, and local media policies;
  2. Media coverage of and communication about policy and social issues, and the impact of public opinion on potential policy outcomes.

photo of dalrymple
Directing the new program is Kajsa Dalrymple, associate professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC), and researcher with the PPC's Environmental Policy Research Program. Over the summer, she and Melissa Tully, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies at SJMC, developed the proposal to begin the MPPO. Tully's "Misinformation in Emerging Democracies Project" and Dalrymple's "Iowa Values Project" will launch the program.

Says Dalrymple about the program, “We are regularly witnessing the consequences of what happens when citizens fail to understand a media landscape that is increasingly filled with false information. I’m excited to create a space for students, faculty and Iowans to engage in cutting edge discussions regarding the connections between our media use, public opinion and the development of new media policies.”