Gould Chosen for 2020 Honors Teaching Award

Photo of Gould with cup of coffee in hand

David Gould, visiting associate professor, was chosen for the 2020 Honors Teaching Award in the University of Iowa Honors Program. 

The award acknowledges the critical and central role honors faculty play in the experience of students in the University of Iowa Honors Program. Honors Program students nominate the candidates for the award, who are then reviewed by Honors Program staff, who select the awardee. Below are a few excerpts from those nominations;

"I had the privilege to take the Green Room in the Fall of 2017, and to be part of the class a second time as a teaching assistant in the Fall of 2018. I have never seen an instructor invest in their students as much as Dave continuously does. Dave has taught me what the mission of the Honors Program means -- how to learn through self-discovery. He teaches with charisma and genuine kind-heartedness. I would love to "grow up" to be like Dave."

"David Gould has made the greatest impact of all my professors here at Iowa. He encourages all students’ growth and development and makes sure all of his students have support throughout their journey here at Iowa. He is an inspiration to me on how to be a better person and better teacher. He’s patient and kind and really encourages curiosity in the classroom."

"David Gould helped me envision my education as more than a diploma. He was a constant source of support and inspiration throughout my undergraduate career, and the lessons that I learned from him will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Art Spisak, director of the Honors Program added, "I would add that I’ve seen firsthand the magic you work in and outside the classroom with your students, and I’m very pleased to be able to recognize publicly what you’ve done for students to enrich their educational experience and lives. Your Honors Green Room course is now legendary, and all you did for the Engaged Social Innovation major will be appreciated for years by the students you helped. You give your all to your teaching, and you’ve changed lives in the process, as the student remarks above indicate and their general love and respect for you."

The award is typically given during the Honors Commendation Ceremony each spring. Due, however, to the pandemic restrictions, Gould will receive the certificate once it is safe to return to campus. Past recipients of the award are listed here.