Health Policy

Parker Named to Big Ten Emerging Infectious Diseases Task Force

Photo of Dr. Parker

Edith Parker, senior faculty affiliate in the Health Policy Research Program, and dean of the UI College of Public Health was selected for the Big Ten's recently formed task force for emerging infectious diseases. The task force was formed March 7 at the request of Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren. The group includes one representative from each of the Big Ten’s 14 member schools, and is designed to provide counsel and medical advice to ensure the safety of students, coaches, administrators, and fans.

Chairing the group is Chris Kratochvil, the University of Nebraska medical center’s associate vice chancellor for clinical research and professor of psychiatry and pediatrics.

Among other members of the group are: Boris Lushniak, dean of Maryland’s school of public health; Preeti Malani, Michigan chief health officer; and Susan Koletar, director of Ohio State’s division of infectious diseases.