Environmental Policy

Tate and Secchi Lead Authors on 2020 Iowa Climate Statement

Image of thermometer with hot sun in the background

Eric Tate, faculty affiliate in the Environmental Policy Research Program, and Silvia Secchi, senior research fellow in the Environmental Policy Research Program, were lead authors on the 2020 Iowa Climate Statement, which drew parallels between the threats of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. The statement drew 230 signatures from across the state this year.

The four major points in the statement are:

  • science is the best guide to effectively manage public health and environmental crises;
  • preparing for environmental or public health crises saves money;
  • building resilience is a critical form of preparation, especially for the most vulnerable people;
  • stimulus money for economic recovery from the pandemic presents an opportunity to invest in more green infrastructure to help prepare for climate change hazards.

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