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Damiano Discusses Build Back Better Act on River to River

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Pete Damiano, director of the Public Policy Center, and director and distinguished research fellow in the Health Policy Research Program, was a guest on Iowa Public Radio's River to River, discussing the health care aspects of the "Build Back Better" act.

Damiano touched on four of the proposals in the bill which would: close the coverage gap in states that did not do a Medicaid expansion; drive down the cost of insurance plans that are available on the Health Insurance Marketplace; expand Medicare services to include vision, hearing, and dental care; and lower the cost prescription drugs.

He also talked about determinants of health outside of health care, which includes: expanded affordable housing; expansion of home health assistance for elderly and disabled people; free lunch program expansion; extended earned income and child tax credits; and universal Pre-K and child care. 

Damiano wrapped up his conversation with host Ben Kieffer by saying that although many of the individual proposals of the bill are quite popular among most people, they have a hard time understanding the bill as a whole, and thus may be reluctant to support it.

To listen to the full interview, click here. The discussion about the Build Back Better act begins at the 9:40 mark.