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PPC faculty recognized as great teachers


Many PPC affiliated faculty and staff were recognized by 2022 graduating students as, “…making a positive difference in my life during my time at the University of Iowa.” This comes from the UI Senior Exit Survey, which all undergraduates are invited to complete when they file to graduate. Thank you for all that you do in making a positive difference in students' lives!

Natoshia Askelson, Cassie Barnhardt, Mark Berg, Frederick Boehmke, Kajsa Dalrymple, Dave Gould, Ain Grooms, Carolyn Hartley, Kylah Hedding, Caglar Koylu, Sylvia Mikucki-Enyart, Sara Mitchell, Nicole Novak, Tracy Osborn, Corrine Peek-Asa, Elise Pizzi, Tyler Priest, Tom Rice, Ethan Rogers, Carrie Schuettpelz, Christine Shea, Jeremy Swanston, Eric Tate, Melissa Tully, James Wo, and John Zielke.