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Farm Forum Highlights Cwiertny and Secchi's "We All Want Clean Water"


Dave Cwiertny, director, and Silvia Secchi, senior research fellow, of the Environmental Policy Research Program were featured in an article on Farm Forum discussing the podcast they co-host titled, "We All Want Clean Water." The podcast's third co-host is Christopher Jones, a research engineer and expert on Iowa water quality. 

The article largely focuses on the premiere episode of the podcast's second season in which they discuss how to put to rest some of the most ingrained American agriculture policies that have adversely affected the environment.

Secchi, Cwiertny, and Jones coined the term "cropaganda" in their podcast, which refers to the marriage between old fashioned myth-making and modern farm advocacy in Big Ag's efforts to maintain the status quo. The main goal of "cropaganda" is to stifle any fact or idea that threatens today's dominant policies in the agriculture industry. Jason Hill, professor of bioproducts and biosystems engineering at the University of Minnesota, was a guest on the podcast and provided valuable insight on the "cropaganda" nature of the ethanol industry, specifically. 

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