skyline of factory pipes releasing pollution into the air

Spak to Serve on EPA's Science Advisory Board


Scott Spak, senior research fellow in the Environmental Policy Research Program, was selected to serve on the Environmental Protection Agency's Science Advisory Board (SAB). The board will provide independent advice on the BenMAP model and the EPA's approach for selecting and applying evidence used for quantifying and monetizing air pollution-related effects, as well as how the BenMAP tool performs such calculations. 

The term BenMAP refers to the Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program tool utilized by the EPA to measure changes in adverse health effects as a result of changes in air pollution. The SAB on which Spak will serve will conduct a peer-review of the tool focusing largely on its technical aspects, construction, and performance, as well as a general review of the benefits methods utilized by the EPA. 

Service on federal advisory panels such as these helps to to ensure that agency decisions are based on the most current and accurate science. The experts that serve on these panels provide invaluable service by "furnishing expert advice, ideas, and diverse opinions to the Federal government."

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