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ISRC Offers Grant Writing Groups for Social Sciences Faculty


The Iowa Social Science Research Center (ISRC) hosts weekly grant writing groups for faculty, one of the many grant development services available. The groups are open to all faculty in the social sciences, as well as the College of Law, and serve as a structured space for faculty to work specifically on grant development. Kris Ackerson, grant development manager at the ISRC, hosts the group.

Participants generally begin each meeting by discussing their current projects and goals for the sessions, and the rest of the designated time is open to work independently. Attendees can work with Ackerson one-on-one in breakout rooms for specific inquiries and have the opportunity to share and workshop their proposals with the group.

The grant writing groups offer collaboration across departments and a supportive space for faculty to develop their grant proposal skills. Meeting once a week on Zoom, the groups provide a regularly scheduled block of time for faculty to dedicate to writing, and the sessions are open to all, regardless of grant writing experience.

Kris Ackerson and Kate Gloer, grant development specialist, work together at the ISRC to assist faculty and graduate students submitting grant proposals stay on track for grant proposal timelines, submit the necessary materials, and in general, help make things run smoothly throughout the process. This resource is one of several grant development services offered by the ISRC, including preparing grant budgets and justifications, communicating with funding agency program officers, and more.

If you are interested in joining the grant writing groups, or have any questions, please sign up here.