Parents walking down path with child college graduate.

Mikucki-Enyart Publishes Article on the Struggles of 'Empty Nesters'


Sylvia Mikucki-Enyart, senior research fellow in the Social and Education Policy Research Program, published an article in Psychology Today titled "Sadness and Joy: Managing the Transition to an Empty Nest." The publication touches on both the positive and negative aspects of the defining 'empty nest' parental transition and includes tips for those that may be struggling with the experience. 

She discusses the different ways couples experience this together, as well as independently, and describes it as a time for renewal, reprioritization, and exploration of identity. However, after committing so many years to the upbringing of their children, many parents struggle with beginning this chapter of their lives and feel bored or lonely without their children under the same roof. Some of the tips she provides for parents experiencing this are communication, support, and acceptance of the exciting aspects, as well as the sad aspects of sending your child off to college. 

Read the full publication here.