Person opening relief check.

Frisvold in The Gazette on Direct Assistance Program


David Frisvold, director of the Social and Education Policy Research Program, was quoted in an article by The Gazette discussing Johnson County's direct assistance program. The article highlights Frisvold's research on the impacts of the program, a project that initially interested him due to its cash-based assistance, as opposed to in-kind assistance that is more typical of such programs. 

Johnson County's direct assistance program was approved in February of 2022 and is funded by American Rescue Plan Act aid. The program provided one-time checks to low-income residents of the area who were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The defining feature of this program, however, was its inclusion of individuals who were excluded from receiving the federal stimulus due to their immigration status. Frisvold and his team hope that their study will provide the Johnson County Board of Supervisors with valuable information to assist in their policymaking ability. 

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