Headshot of Kendall Riley.
Student Spotlight |
February 17, 2023

Student Spotlight: Kendall Riley

Meet graduate research fellow Kendall Riley, from Loogootee, Indiana!

Kendall earned her MA in sociology from the University of Iowa and is now working toward completing her PhD in sociology and criminology, as well. She currently works with Mark Berg, director and senior research fellow in residence of the Crime and Justice Policy Research Program, on his work related to incarceration and accelerated aging and childhood experiences. Some of Kendall’s own research focuses on how traumas, such as incarceration, racial discrimination, and childhood experiences, affect the health of people and their families. After finishing her PhD, Kendall hopes to work as a professor and continue her research alongside teaching.  

Fun Fact: Kendall used to be a powerlifter and still loves to weightlift!